Candice Burch, BS

Sivia Castro, Counselor in Fort Myers, FL and Online with Serenity Counseling Center

Candice Burch, Counselor in Fort Myers, Florida and Online with Serenity Counseling Center

Candice Burch’s clinical experience and Interests involve working with Adults, Children, Couples, and Groups. In Therapy, her focus has been on Relationship Concerns, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Co-Dependency, Abandonment Issues, Self-Esteem, Boundaries and Selfconfidence, as well as many other hindrances that inhibit us from reaching our best potential and enjoying life.

Candice Burch believes in taking a holistic approach to therapy, while considering an individual’s health, sleep patterns, spirituality, relationship dynamics, etc. Her strengths are in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to change mal-adaptive thoughts, Strength-based Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness Therapy.


Candice received training in the following areas: Counseling Theories, Human Growth and Development, Substance Abuse Theory and Prevention, Diagnostic and Treatment of Psychology, Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling, Ethics, Career and Lifestyle, Trauma, and Human Sexuality.

Candice has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology through Hodges University located in Fort Myers, Florida. Candice is currently a Clinical Mental Health Counselor Intern in the end stages of her master’s degree at Hodges University. She is under the direct clinical supervision of Janean Byrne who is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida #MH15525.

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