Kimberly Harter, BS

Kimberly Harter, Counselor in Fort Myers, Florida and Online

Kimberly Harter, Counselor in Fort Myers, Florida and 

Online with Serenity Counseling Center

Where you have been and where you are at, are part of who you are. Whether you have gone through traumatic experiences, are dealing with depression, or overwhelmed with unmanageable anxiety or grief, I believe healing is possible for everyone. Many of our life experiences have left us with different issues, hurts or hang ups. I strive to provide a safe, honest, and open space to help you bring your heart and soul back to life in your journey of healing.

My experience working with Children, Teens, and Adults has taught me about the process of development through relationships. Attachment theory is the perspective which discusses the topics of how our past relates to our present. It also brings to the forefront how previous and current relationships affect all of our interpersonal interactions. My goal is to help you work on thought processes and behaviors that have perhaps hindered the progress in these relationships to work towards a healthier environment.

On this journey we will work collaboratively to seek effective treatment specific to you, your issues and goals. By incorporating a different lens, we will work together to see your issue from a perspective that will make treatment more tangible and everyday life more manageable. Seeking therapy is hard. I will honor this effort by giving you the best tools to help you become a better version of yourself. You are not alone.


Kimberly has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. She is currently a Clinical Mental Health Counseling practicum/intern student at the end stages of her master's degree at Liberty University, out of Lynchburg, VA.

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