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“Kathy has helped me tremendously with my anxiety.” “She has taught me certain skills to use to calm myself down when I am having an anxiety attack.” “She is always there to listen to me and give the best advice that she can.” “Since I have been coming to Kathy my anxiety has gotten much better and I do not have attacks as often.” “She has truly helped me and I’m so grateful to have her as my therapist.”

“My husband and I could not be happier with Serenity Counseling Center.” “Kathy is our counselor and she has really helped us with our struggles.” “We seem to be on a beautiful path again.” “We can’t thank Kathy enough for helping us mend our lives and our love for each other.” “She knew where our strengths were and where we needed help.” “My husband and I have a very strong faith and we found that to be true with Kathy.” “I think that is why everything has worked out for us.”

"Kathy has a varied experience pool to pull from that helps in her counseling." "She is knowledgeable and practical with her therapeutic approach." "She provides feedback and homework that is helpful and when I do not resist, it truly helps." "Kathy has worked with me on very tough topics that impact not only one area of my life but all." "She does well with PTSD, anxiety, and attention problems and I've been able to work through these problems while seeing her." "She is thorough and allows me to lead the session." "She is sensitive, calming, and offers helpful guidance." "She is not afraid to assist in adjusting my thinking or validating my emotions." "She goes out of her way to be sweet and truly helpful." "After spending 2 years looking for a counselor, Kathy was a blessing."


"The most succinct comment I can submit for Kathy is “she gets it”. Kathy Lemos is insightful and attentive. She listens. She remembers. She understands. More important is that she helps me move forward. I’ve been on the carousel of therapy time and again. It’s wonderful to finally see the light."


Luckily we found Kathy who has enable us to move forward as a couple. She has demonstrated the ability to see where we, as individuals, can move forward through our challenging times & differences as a Loving couple. My words do not express how important, how much that means to me. I had all but given up, but she did reach & find a way to be with both of us thereby providing a path that is opening up peace and happiness. We have real tools to share & help each of us grow. Thank You


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