Why should someone seek counseling, therapy or coaching?

It can be very difficult to navigate our daily lives in today's busy and hectic society. Being effective in our relationships, our jobs, as parents, partners, care givers and friends, at times, can be challenging. It is imperative that we know when to reach out to a professional for support through counseling, therapy or coaching. While we can't change difficult situations of the past and circumstances in the future are not guaranteed, we can work together to resolve challenges and move toward goals that will allow you to enjoy the present.

In sessions, we will work together in a non-judgmental and safe environment to evaluate your personal circumstances and find growth areas. We will decide which path is best for you to take to help you reach your best potential. You deserve to live a life that is full and precious to you. Quality relationships that reward us and our loved ones can be key to finding inner peace. You owe it to yourself to take control of your circumstances and emotions, instead of allowing your circumstances and emotions to control and dictate your happiness.

We'll come together to find a better way to manage relationships, depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, attention deficit, chronic illness; and/or have difficulty navigating parenting roles, codependency, boundary issues, life transitions and many other hindrances that can stop an individual from finding peace. Let us work together to find yours.

Our counselors are passionate about working with you to meet your goals and highest potential. We work to live our lives to the fullest and enjoy helping others to do the same.

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Listen to Janean Byrne, MS, LMHC discuss her practice, treatments offered, and how the providers at Serenity Counseling Center work with clients to tailor their treatments.

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