Children and Teens Counseling


Child Counseling and Teen counseling in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Lehigh and surrounding areas. In-office counseling sessions or teletherapy for Children and Teenage counseling in all of Florida. 

Common concerns that we work on with children and their families:

⦁ Abandonment 
⦁ School Concerns (behavior/academics)
⦁ Attention-deficit hyperactivity (ADHD)
⦁ Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)
⦁ Blended Family Issues 
⦁ Bullying and Cyberbullying 
⦁ Anxiety
⦁ Divorce issues 
⦁ Self-harm
⦁ Grief  
⦁ Sexual, Emotional and/or physical abuse 
⦁ Behavior issues

Anxiety in children and Teens is one of the most prevalent mental health concerns today. Common symptoms of anxiety in children are:

⦁ anger or aggression
⦁ avoiding situations
⦁ bedwetting
⦁ changes in appetite
⦁ feeling fatigued
⦁ behavior issues in school
⦁ headaches
⦁ irritability
⦁ muscle tension
⦁ nervous habits
⦁ nightmares
⦁ avoiding school
⦁ social withdrawal
⦁ stomach pain
⦁ trouble concentrating and sleeping 


Children and Adolescents most often are unable to identify their negative emotions effectively. Our counselors will first build rapport, then work with your child to start identifying and putting words to their unwanted emotions. Next, the counselor will help the child develop positive coping skill to better manage these difficult emotions; with the end goal of reducing or eliminating negative feelings.

If your child or teen is experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, having the opportunity to speak to a professional that isn’t in their immediate circle can be helpful and empower your child to take ownership of their feelings and behaviors, which allows them to develop needed self-soothing techniques and a sense of  security. 

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