• Why Some of us Struggle with Paying Attention and How to Improve Focus?
    We've all had the experience of allowing our minds to wander when we should be concentrating on something else.The capacity to focus enables you to finish tasks, pursue goals, maintain Read more
  • How to Deal with Stress Over the Holidays as a Couple
    Most of us associate holidays with good times with family and friends. However, the holiday season is also a time of increased stress or grief for some. As the-end-of-the-year celebrations get Read more
  • Couples Counseling: Managing Outside Pressures
    Couples Counseling: Managing Outside Pressures Emotional distance, loss of intimacy, and infidelity are some of the most common reasons that bring couples to couples counseling. Whether you struggle with poor communication, want Read more
  • September: A Month About Prevention
    September: A Month About Prevention September happens to be Suicide Prevention Month. I've decided to follow this theme to discuss prevention as it pertains to eating disorders. Oftentimes, those with an Read more
  • Impacts of Eating Disorders
    Impacts of Eating Disorders Though eating disorders may come with both short-term and long-term consequences, people often are not privy to much of this information. Sure, weight loss is probably the Read more
  • Summertime: Stressors and Solutions
    For many and most, summer is a time where people can look forward to fun, sun, memories, adventures, family, friends, and fun cuisine. Individuals may look forward to time away Read more
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
    Awareness, Education, and Action May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I truly celebrate that we finally have a month dedicated to this. However, I'd like to note the difference between Read more
  • Sexual Trauma and Eating Disorders
    April happens to be Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This post will highlight possible ramifications and effects of a history of sexual assault, and how these relate to the possibility of Read more
  • Grief: How to Move Through Your Loss
    Grieving is a normal reaction to losing something worthwhile in one's life. Different people process grief differently, as everyone grieves in their unique way. Whether you are grieving the loss of Read more
  • March Blog
    "Thin to Win" March tends to be a busy month when it comes to athletics, with the well-known "March Madness" occurring every year in college basketball. However, this blog will focus Read more
  • Atypical Anorexia
    The Cautions of Using the Diagnosis of Atypical Anorexia In the spirit of the atypical month of February, the month that's the "odd one out," I found discussing the diagnosis of Read more
  • Drawing Parallels to Addiction in the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa
      As January is often a time of new beginnings, changes, or plans to better the self somehow, I believe it's fitting to talk about changes within addictions and addictive Read more
  • Anxiety Counseling
    Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders in the United States, affecting about 40 million adults each year (The Anxiety and Depression Association of America). In addition, studies show that Read more
  • 8 Ways To Support Loved Ones
    Acknowledge that Mental Health is real. Depressive symptoms can subside much quicker if the person does not feel like they have to convince themselves or anyone else that they are Read more
  • Why is my kid acting out?
    Parents get stressed just like everyone else, if not more so. Constantly juggling so many things can sometimes, unintentionally of course, make our kids feel like less of a priority Read more
  • How Can Couple's Counseling Help?
    Changing Your Perspective   Couples therapy is a passion of mine. There is great joy for me in witnessing couples come in to the office with, usually a negative view on their Read more

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