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This is a great opportunity for registered interns, licensed counselors, and coaches to work with clients without having to commit to a 3-year lease. We rent our rooms hourly/you keep your full client fee. Your rental fee includes everything you will need to perform  the work that  you are passionate about!

Here's what's included:

  • Furnished counseling room
  • Waiting area for clients
  • Kitchen
  • Utilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • EHR System (record keeping/scheduling/paperwork)
  • Virtual assistant! (Scheduling, reschedules, reminders, etc.)
  • HIPPA compliant email for correspondence with clients
  • Access to our monthly marketing/networking meetings to help grow your business!
  • Inclusion in our support/referral network *we refer clients to you to help you build/maintain your caseload*
  • Support with starting your own practice!!
  • Supervision is available for registered interns for an additional, however, reasonable fee.

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