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I've been in and out of therapy for over a decade, and I've seen many therapists, but Brittany is hands-down one of the best I've had the pleasure of working with. She listened carefully to what I was saying (or, more importantly, not saying) and she'd ask thoughtful questions to help get my own brain going in the best, most healthy direction. She took into consideration who I was as a whole person - not just a student, an employee, a wife, etc. - and used the whole picture to help me better understand why I was anxious and how best to address the anxiety head-on. She's considerate of each of her client's identities and she asks questions instead of making assumptions, putting clients at east almost immediately. I'd recommend her to anyone who's looking for a smart, funny, kind, and comprehensive therapist - she's fantastic.

"Brittany is the best therapist I have ever worked with. She has helped me with countless issues, and has helped me become a better partner, friend, and person. I couldn't ask for a more dedicated, personable therapist."

"Brittany, there's nothing less than "stellar" to describe her. I have spent many years meeting with counselors, therapists, etc and I have not ever truly felt comfortable enough to be myself, until now. She is just a real honest, caring person who I can say I trust wholeheartedly. I sound like I'm gushing, but it's nothing short of a blessing to have found Serenity Counseling at the time in my life that I needed it most. 10/10 would emphatically recommend!!"

"I reached out to Brittany because I started having debilitating panic attacks. I knew I had to get back on track, but I didn't know where to even begin. I am so grateful for Brittany Junker because she made me feel comfortable from the start and I did not feel judged by her at all. It's like she knew exactly what I was going through. Our sessions were effective and she helped me identify what I needed to get control of my anxiety and how to get my life back. She helped me gain the skills I needed to deal with my anxiety and I have since started doing the activities that I previously stopped doing due to the panic attacks. It has been a long time since I've had a panic attack and my anxiety is much more tolerable now. I highly recommend Brittany Junker."

I was seeking a therapist for my long term struggles with adhd and anxiety; my past experience with therapy as a child through my young adult years was very difficult because I never felt I was there to talk about myself - it always felt forced. Brittany has become my go- to, number one contact, for absolutely anything! Not just because of her dedication to help me succeed or overcome my struggles - but because she cares to hear and knows how to put herself in someone else's should to provide advice form a brand new point of view. Brittany's experience in mental health is genuine - she has encouraged me time and time again to not only face my fears, but talk about them and learn how to live with them. Brittany is my most dear friend & support system and that is something truly special when it comes to therapy. I have never been more grateful for Serenity Counseling for setting us up!

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